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The Liberty Upright piano is not just a virtual instrument; it's a unique piece of history based on a robot-assisted deep multisampling of a 1915 Koch & Korselt upright grand piano from Bohemia in today’s Czech Republic. Renowned for its rich, resonant sound, this upright piano was captured twice — first in its original relic condition and then after being fine-tuned to the highest standard. The results double the unique new colors added to Pianoverse, expanding your creative palette in ways you've never imagined.

The Koch & Korselt is a testament to the art of piano making. It features a cast iron harp and a solid spruce soundboard, carefully selected and seasoned. Along with its warm, rich, and powerful tone, this venerable instrument is renowned for its exceptional aesthetic details. Originally offered in a selection of finishes, each handcrafted to complement any room's decor, it is a true masterpiece.

Koch & Korselt pianos have a rich history of achievements. Though no longer made, they have won numerous awards and accolades at international exhibitions. In 1900, the company earned the Grand Prix at the Paris Exposition. In 1910, Koch & Korselt pianos were awarded the gold medal at the Brussels World's Fair. This particular example is 100% original and was chosen among hundreds for its beautiful sound, adding a whole new dimension to Pianoverse.

Koch & Korselt upright piano

Given this century-plus piano’s history, we captured it twice: first, in its authentic, relic state, naturally detuned after years of settling and with beautifully soft damping that gives the piano almost a natural reverb, and then again after being restored and fine-tuned by a master tuner. Both results sound amazing, and they are the perfect sound source for exploring Pianoverse’s infinite sonic landscapes and effects.

Pianoverse GUI
Pianoverse GUI

The Liberty Upright piano was meticulously recorded at the state-of-the-art IK studio, located at the company headquarters in Modena, Italy, in the Emilia-Romagna region. The recording process used AKG 414 microphones to capture the close-miking sound and a coincident pair of DPA mics to capture the back of the piano, allowing you to experience the true essence of the instrument and providing unique new sources for Pianoverse’s deep effects and environments.

Experience the elegance and old-world charm for yourself in the Liberty Upright.

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Macbook with Pianoverse GUI

Based on a historic Koch & Korselt upright grand piano

Infinite piano expressions

Introducing a powerful new performance engine, Pianoverse recreates perfectly the immersive experience of playing the world’s finest pianos, while adding an inspiring range of sound-shaping environments, from iconic to exotic.

Pianoverse GUI
Pianoverse GUI

Pianoverse begins as a series of 8 remarkable instruments paired with unique spaces and loaded with presets. As we seek and gain access to other exceptional pianos, we’ll expand the series further. You can start with one or two and add others later, endlessly discovering new inspiration as you need it.

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Liberty Upright piano (Relic + Fine-tuned)

  • Based on a historic Koch & Korselt upright grand piano
  • Captured using DPA and AKG 414 microphones
  • Recorded at IK’s state-of-the-art studio in Modena, Italy
  • 68 GB of sound content (34 GB for each version)
  • 50 instrument presets (25 for each version)

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