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The Joe Satriani Collection unlocks the soaring leads, rocking rhythms and interplanetery soundscapes of guitar icon Joe Satriani. Available inside AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad, this collection carefully replicates Joe’s go-to amps and pedals, including many of his own personal effects, for amazing tone that’s always with you.

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The Joe Satriani Collection for AmpliTube iOS features 11 brand new models, including 3 amps, 3 cabinets and 6 stomps. With models based on Joe’s signature Marshall® amp, a completely re-modeled Peavey® 5150, and a range of classic analog pedals, this is a massive gear collection that’s simply not of this earth.


Straight from Professor Satchafunkilus

IK worked meticulously with Joe to capture his go-to gear and favorite settings to get the secrets behind some of his most iconic sounds.

From Joe’s signature Marshall® amp to his personal stompboxes, this collection includes iconic gear from the ‘70s, 80’s, ‘90s and beyond. Hear what a dream studio rig can do when in the hands of a master.

AmpliTube Shifting Song

Listen to Joe Satriani’s “AmpliTube Shifting Song”, an original song written and recorded by Joe himself that offers a unique retrospective of the many aspirational tones that span his full career.

Joe Satriani performed all of the guitar and keyboard parts in the song. He recorded it using more than 20 presets from AmpliTube® Joe Satriani through his personal AXE I/O premium audio interface.

Satch VM

Satch VM



Boston 100

Boston 100

3 Amplifiers

Satch VM

Based on the Marshall® JVM410HJS, this versatile four-channel amp offers incredible tones possibilities. Customized to Joe’s unique design, this amp offers three modes per channel, along with independent noise filters and re-biased presence & resonance controls.


Based on the Peavey® 5150, this legendary amp was originally a signature model for Eddie Van Halen, but its iconic sound became soon the staple tone of many hard rock and heavy metal artists, including Joe Satriani himself.

Boston 100

Based on the Tom Scholz Rockman® X100, this early amp sim has long been used in the studio by Joe thanks to its unique take on late 70's rock sound as typified by Boston, with 4 different amp settings and Chorus and Echo effects.

3 Cabinets

4x12 SG

’69 Marshall® cabinet with 4 x12 20 watt greenbacks Celestion speakers.

4x12 S60

Marshall® 1960B cabinet with 4 x12 G12T-75 Celestion speakers.


Based on the cabinet emulation section of the Rockman X100.

4x12 SG

4x12 SG

4x12 S60

at-ipad-4x12 S60



6 Stompboxes

Satch Wah

Based on the Vox® Big Bad Wah, offering two inductor coils each with their own voicing, plus an extra gain drive and normal or 535-type sweep.

Satch Distortion

Based on Joe's personal BOSS® DS-1, an early ‘80’s Japanese-made unit, this legendary distortion unit is one of the most recognizable pedals ever made.

Satch Overdrive

Based on an early ‘80s Japanese-made BOSS® OD-1, this overdrive pedal has long been a standard for ‘70s and ‘80s classic and hard rock.

Tube Overdrive

Based on Joe's personal Chandler® Tube Driver, this overdrive pedal offers generous distortion thanks to its onboard 12AX7 valve.

Satch Octave

Modeled on the Ultimate Octave pedal, a versatile update of the famous Octavia fuzz with a "Fat / Bright" switch for two different distortion & octave characters.


Based on a traditional analog 30-band Graphic EQ, with +/- 15 dB boost per band and a+/- 15dB Level control. Perfect for overall tone shaping.



Tones of the Alien

Available in AmpliTube CS
for iPhone and iPad

  • Create your dream rig: up to 6 stompbox FX, amp, cabinet and 2 movable mics
  • Incredible tonal flexibility: mix and match pedals, amps, cabs, mics and more
  • Utilizes the same great DSP as AmpliTube for Mac and PC
  • Get the sound of legends like Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Dimebag Darrell and Brian May
  • Iconic official gear from brands like Fender®, Mesa/Boogie®, Orange® and more

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