An entire rig right in your pocket

TONEX ONE puts IK’s revolutionary AI Machine Modeling technology on any size pedalboard, enabling you to perform with the world’s most sought-after tones in more ways than ever before. It truly makes unlimited tone accessible to all.

Ultra-compact and powerful, TONEX ONE stores up to 20 hyper-realistic modeled amps, cabs and stomps from a nearly infinite supply, so you can add it anywhere in your rig. You can even load models of your own gear captured with the included TONEX software. Effortlessly fit multiple units on your board for truly limitless tone possibilities.

A complete rig in a mini pedal

  • Hyper-realistic AI machine modeled amps, cabs and stomps
  • Compact design with easy access to all major controls on stage
  • Customizable LED colors make stacking or stereo rigs easy to operate
  • Studio-grade EQ, compressor, reverb, noise gate and smart tuner onboard
  • Store up to 20 presets with over 200 Premium Tone Models included
  • Explore and load 25,000+ Tone Models on ToneNET
  • Two Performance Modes: On/Off or Dual presets
  • TRS output: Stereo, dual mono or headphones
  • USB-C connection for loading Tone Models and recording
  • Includes TONEX SE all-in-one player, modeler and librarian and AmpliTube 5 SE software

Small size, huge sound

TONEX ONE packs the same incredible responsiveness and dynamics as TONEX Pedal, but in a mini format that saves space and travels anywhere. You can fine-tune presets on the fly using the onboard gain/volume and 3-band EQ, then adjust FX levels like noise gate, compression and stereo reverb to complement any live venue. With auto save you can quickly adjust settings on the fly without the need of a computer.


Listen to audio demos

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Connects to 9V DC power supply.

Multi color LED micro knobs
display preset and control level for
EQ, gate, comp and reverb.

Main control knob
to adjust volume and gain.

TRS Mono/Stereo out
connects to pedals, PAs, powered cabs, headphones & studio monitors.

Press for alternate parameters, to lock device and access global setup.

Mono input
for guitar, bass and pedals.

Footswitch with 2 modes:
Stomp (preset on/off) or
Dual (switch between A/B presets) + Tuner (hold 3 seconds to engage).

USB Port
to manage presets and record using TONEX ONE as an audio interface.

  1. Connects to 9V DC power supply.
  2. Multi color LED micro knobs
    display preset and control level for
    EQ, gate, comp and reverb.
  3. Main control knob
    to adjust volume and gain.
  4. TRS Mono/Stereo out
    connects to pedals, PAs, powered cabs, headphones & studio monitors.
  5. Press for alternate parameters, to lock device and access global setup.
  6. Mono input
    for guitar, bass and pedals.
  7. Footswitch with 2 modes:
    Stomp (preset on/off) or
    Dual (switch between A/B presets) + Tuner (hold 3 seconds to engage).
  8. USB Port
    to manage presets and record using TONEX ONE as an audio interface.

What’s New in TONEX for Mac/PC version 1.7.4

TONEX for Mac/PC 1.7.4 is designed to make your workflow effortless and more flexible. Added features include a new Global Setup for TONEX ONE, support for 2 microphones using 2-input interfaces, and workflow enhancements to the player section. The update is free for all TONEX users, including CS, via the IK Product Manager.

  • New dialog with more options for deleting a Tone Model in a user folder.
  • New preset name “Edit” button is accessible when hovering over the list or card.
  • Added new sorting options by Amp Name and by Stomp Name in ToneNET.
  • The Modeler now supports a 2-microphone modeling setup using interfaces with 2 inputs, including AXE I/O.
  • Added options to resize and hide/show columns in the Librarian.
  • New Global Setup panel for TONEX ONE now accessible from the hardware top bar of the Librarian.

What’s new in TONEX ONE

New firmware update adds support for TONEX ONE to be used with the new TONEX 1.7.4 Librarian Global Setup feature. Access all global features using TONEX for Mac/PC version 1.7.4.

  • Enable/disable direct monitoring
  • Adjust global input trim level
  • Select A4 reference and MUTE/Thru via the setup panel
  • Turn global cab on/off and more

Any rig, any size

Designed to fit any pedalboard and small enough to chain multiple pedals, TONEX ONE gives you the freedom to build the perfect fly rig or enhance your existing pedalboard. Use two pedals to create a killer stereo rig or place multiple pedals in series for tone stacking and boosting lead and rhythm tones.


The right connections

TONEX ONE is simple to use and connects to any type of guitar or bass rig including real amps, PA systems and FRFR ( Full Range, Flat Response) Cabs. Toggle the "no cab" option for direct connection to cabinets and speaker emulators. Or activate the cab for consistent, pristine miked cabinet tones night after night. Experience rich, cranked amp tones at any volume level, perfect for in-ear monitors or where controlling stage volume is essential.


Your gear forever and always

It’s never been easier to make a virtual version of your amps and pedals. Capture your rig with the included TONEX SE software and use it across the entire TONEX Ecosystem including TONEX ONE, TONEX Mac/PC, TONEX Pedal, TONEX ONE and TONEX iOS. TONEX makes it easy to always have your gear collection on hand to play live or in the studio.


Infinite tones on tap

TONEX ONE keeps you inspired no matter where your musical journey unfolds. Store up to 20 presets from the included 200 premium Tone Models or download over 25,000 Tone Models (and counting!) from ToneNET. Add more tones with IK Signature Collections or explore hundreds of ever-expanding Tone Partner collections that feature a variety of rare, vintage and modern amps and pedals.


Ready for the road

TONEX ONE delivers not only jaw-dropping tones and essential effects, but also the right connectivity and controls that make it easy to sound your best at any gig or performance.

  • AMP / RIG: Load up to 20 presets with 3 playable slots to use any time. You can load any combination of pedal, amp and whole-rig models.
  • STEREO / MONO: Mono input and TRS stereo and dual mono output. The TRS output also doubles as a headphone out for silent playing.
  • TWO PERFORMANCE MODES: Select between two performance modes: Dual A/B or Stomp (On/Off) operating modes.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE MICRO-KNOB COLORS: Choose from custom colors to assign and save to any preset for visual identification during live performances. You can also turn off the light for more formal settings.
  • IR LOADER: Load any custom IR or use IK’s VIR™ cabinets to fully customize your sound.
  • EFFECTS / UTILITY: Includes an onboard tuner, noise gate, EQ, compressor and 5 stereo reverbs including: hall, room, plate and 2 spring reverbs.

Your tone in the limelight

TONEX ONE makes it easy to perform and stand out on stage with micro knobs that can be customized using any of the available LED colors. Choose colors to identify different Tone Models, to match your pedalboard aesthetics or to identify different TONEX ONE units on a single pedalboard. The micro knob lights also do double duty when engaging the onboard tuner, which has two selectable modes: Thru and Mute.


Studio recording

TONEX ONE doubles as a handy USB-C audio interface for recording electric guitar or bass on a Mac/PC. For low-latency monitoring, you can record with any of the onboard Tone Models and effects, while using the stomp button in real time to switch between presets. The TRS/stereo output works with both headphones or active speakers for monitoring.

TONEX SE software (a $99.99 value) is a powerful tool to play, capture and organize Tone Models. But it’s also a standalone app and plug-in that integrates perfectly with your favorite DAW or directly inside the included AmpliTube software.

AmpliTube 5 SE (a $99.99 value) is ideal for adding amazing effects to Tone Models and recording with even more incredible guitar and bass sounds.

TONEX ONE represents a revolution for guitar and bass players. Throw it in your gig bag and never leave home without the best rigs in the world.


TONEX ONE Features

  • Advanced AI Machine Modeling™ technology for hyper realistic Tone Models
  • Play models of amps, amps + cabs, combos or pedals like: distortion, overdrive, fuzz, boost and EQ
  • Built-in USB port doubles an audio interface for recording and for preset management
  • Exclusive VIR™ multi-IR cabinets and custom IR Loader, Noise gate, EQ, compressor and 5 stereo reverbs
  • Store up to 20 presets with 3 assignable slots
  • Two Performance Modes: Stomp or Dual presets
  • TRS output: Stereo, dual mono or headphones
  • Customizable RGB retro-illuminated micro knobs for each preset
  • Access to over 25,000 user Tone Models on ToneNET
  • Includes a tuner with 2 modes: Thru and Mute
  • Connects to real amps, PA systems and FRFR Cabs
  • No editing lost with “always saved” behavior
  • Safe mode to protect accidental parameter change while playing
  • Auto save mode for making adjustments on the fly
  • Global cabinet bypass option
  • Add Premium, Signature or Tone Partner expansions
  • Model your own rig (amp, cabinets, pedals) using the TONEX modeling software
  • Includes TONEX SE software all-in-one player, modeler and librarian and AmpliTube 5 SE software
  • Preloaded with 20 Presets using 13 bonus Tone Models from TONEX MAX/Reg
  • Compact design to fit on any size pedalboard
Total Presets 20 150
Presets / bank 2 Presets (A/B Mode)
1 Presets (Stomp Mode)
50 Banks of 3 Presets
Bank Controls Mode Selection (A/B or Stomp) Bank up / down
Onboard IR VIR multi-IR cab emulation
Custom IR loader
VIR multi-IR cab emulation
Custom IR loader
Controls Bass / Gate
Mid / Comp
Treble / Reverb
Vol / Gain
A/B or Bypass
Gain / Reverb
Bass / Comp
Mid / Gate
Treble / Presence
Volume / Depth
Preset Select
Model Select
Parameter / ALT
A / B / C - bypass
Bank up/down
Effects Reverb
Noise Gate
Bass / Mid / High EQ
5 x Stereo Reverbs
Noise Gate
Bass / Mid / High EQ
Outputs 1 x 1/4" mono / stereo / headphone 2 x 1/4" (L/mono, R)
1 x 1/4" headphone
External Control Yes
Assignable Colors 9
Impulse Response VIR multi-IR Cabinets
Custom IR Loader
VIR multi-IR Cabinets
Custom IR Loader
Premium Tone Models 212 1100
Included Software TONEX SE
AmpliTube 5 SE
AmpliTube 5
Audio Interface 24-bit/44.1 kHz 24-bit/44.1 kHz
Connection type USB-C USB-B
Size & Weight 48 mm / 1.89″ W
94 mm / 3.7″ D
53 mm / 2.09″ H
160 g / 0.35 lbs
176 mm / 6.92″ W
142 mm / 5.59″ D
55 mm / 2.16″ H
906 g / 1.98 lbs
Power Source 9V DC, 120 mA (not included) 9V DC, 320 mA (included)

Free included app/software

TONEX ONE comes with the following free bonus content

Mac/PC free content

  • AmpliTube 5 SE
    Guitar amp & FX modeling software with 77 essential gear models.
    More info
  • AmpliTube TONEX SE
    Standalone application and plug-in to create, play and share Tone Models. Includes 200 Tone Models.
    More info

How to get the free bonus content.

Bonus content is non-transferrable and has no cash value.



  • 20 customizable presets
  • Ultra-low noise, 24-bit/192 kHz converters.
  • 5 Hz–24 kHz frequency response
  • Up to 123 dB dynamic range
  • USB connection/ 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio interface
  • Power Source: 9V DC, 120 mA (not included)
  • Size: 48 mm/1.89" (W) x 94 mm/3.7" (D) x 53 mm/2.09" (H)
  • Weight: 160 g/ 5.6 oz

Package includes

  • USB C-Type to USB C-Type connection cable (0.6 m/2 ft)

TONEX ONE Preloaded Presets

TS808 bright mid Ibanez TS808 CS
English Dirt Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII CS
Eternal Strength Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier EL34 CS
KC Tmax Gmax Klon Centaur MAX
Fuzz Those Chords EHX Big Muff MAX
Thick Bluesy Drive Dumble Overdrive Special #0080 MAX
Detroit Mids Friedman Pink Taco PT20 MAX
Eight0Zero Marshall JCM 800 2203 ZW MAX
Derek Brothers Fender Super Reverb MAX
Power Bowl ENGL Powerball / ENGL 412 MAX
3 o clock meeting Mesa Boogie F50 Regular
Power Flex Marshall JMP 100W Regular
Equilibrium Clean Equilibrium Clean Regular
CLN-100 Soldano SLO-100 Regular
Driven Voicing Vox AC30 Regular
Use Your Guns Marshall AFD100 Slash Signature Regular
MT2 Scooped Boss MT-2 SE
Tone full Distortion Fulltone OCD SE
Dr Brit DrZ Maz 18 SE
All on Ten Marshall JCM 800 SE
Link Way Fender 57 Custom Deluxe SE


TONEX ONE Documentation and Manual

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