17 Feb 2022

American Songwriter on X-GEAR

“Destined to become a Nashville favorite.”

American Songwriter recently reviewed all 4 X-GEAR pedals: X-SPACE, X-TIME, X-DRIVE and X-VIBE. As we learn from the article, AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals are making their way into the hands of not just shredders, but musicians who play a wide range of music.

It's not surprising. The versatility, sound quality and durability of the X-GEAR pedals provide gigging musicians with the best studio tone possible in any live environment.

You can read the full review from the link below. Here are some extracts:

Most effects pedals provide a limited range of choices, but the IK X-SPACE has sixteen different reverbs built-in ranging from spring reverb, hall, gated reverb, and atmospheric.

American Songwriter

"Dialing in the right amount of reverb really spices things up and with this X-GEAR pedal, you can fine-tune it to your desire and then save the preset for live or recording usage.

"The X-TIME pedal is destined to become a Nashville favorite as so many studio musicians frequently add a bit of delay to sweeten the guitar tone. I'm a fan of the studio-grade tape delay for warmth but X-TIME also offers slapback, ping-pong, swells, and of course reverse.

The quality and quantity of great effects in IK's X-GEAR series of pedals are astounding and realistic.

American Songwriter

"All of the pedals maintain a softer analog tonality and don't have the sterile effects that you hear in some other effects' units. If you're looking to expand your tonal palette, any of the four of the X-GEAR effects would be a great edition."

Check out the full American Songwriter review HERE

AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals are available individually or click below to create your own bundles and save!


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AmpliTube X-GEAR



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