22 Mar 2022

Going Deep Into X-⁠TIME Delay

Watch the latest videos to see if X-⁠TIME is right for you

We're curating the best reviews on the X-TIME delay pedal. Here are new video reviews featuring the X-TIME that will get your creative juices flowing.

In this video, Dipswitch Demo covers many of the rich features inside X-TIME. Will it replace your trusted delay pedal? Watch to find out!

I wanted to show off the stereo capabilities of this. We are going to go stereo out of this pedal straight into my audio interface. And then we're going to use the amplitube 5 plugin with a couple of deluxe reverbs in stereo.


For other guitar gear demos, visit the Dipswitch YouTube channel HERE.

Is it time for the X-TIME? - scratching the surface of AmpliTube's delay super computer.

If 57:17 mins is just scratching the surface, imagine what else you can do with the X-TIME delay pedal. Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum takes you on a journey to the center of the delay earth in his new video featuring the X-TIME delay pedal.

I really really liked what's going on with that slap back. Is there another pedal that does stereo shifting slap back like that? Because that sounded like something special.

60 Cycle Hum

For other reviews, visit the 60 Cycle Hum YouTube channel HERE.

If you're on a tonequest, check out AmpliTube's 20th-Anniversary Celebration HERE for deals on X-⁠⁠GEAR effects pedals and more.

CAUTION: Please consult with a doctor before using X-TIME. Side effects include late-night jamming, buying a stereo rig, playing "Run Like Hell'' for hours and being inspired to write new songs. Don't say we didn't warn you.


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