18 Apr 2022

AmpliTube X-GEAR with Synths

Watch and hear everything from crystal clear delays to distorted echoes

Keyboard players love using the right effects pedals. But what about AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals with synths? Judge for yourself in these new videos.

Check out the range of tones below created by Bonedo Synthesizers,  Limbic Bits and SYNTH ANATOMY using the X-TIME delay and X-SPACE reverb pedals. No surprise, you can create a lot of cool textures by running a synthesizer through X-GEAR.

Listen as Bonedo Synthesizers explores the X-TIME delay pedal in real-time with a classic 6-voice analog synth.

IK Multimedia X-TIME Sound Demo (no talking) with Sequential OB-6
By Bonedo Synthesizers

Bonedo Synthesizers uses the X-SPACE reverb pedal in this video to great effect with another 6-voice analog synth.

IK Multimedia Amplitube X SPACE Demo (no talking) with dreadbox Nymphes synth
By Bonedo Synthesizers

Visit the Bonedo synthesizers YouTube channel HERE.

Watch as Limbic Bits tweaks the X-TIME delay pedal in real-time to produce a variety of ambient textures that are haunting and hypnotic.

X-TIME delay pedal sound demo with synthesizers (Roland SH-01a and Twisted Electrons MEGAfm)
By Limbic Bits

Visit the Limbic Bits YouTube channel HERE.

The next 3 sound demos by SYNTH ANATOMY explore the many soundscapes you can achieve with the X-TIME and X-SPACE pedals.

X-TIME delay pedal sound demo with synthesizers (MEGAfm and SH-01a)

X-SPACE reverb pedal sound demo I with synthesizers (NI Maschine+)

X-SPACE reverb pedal sound demo II with synthesizers (NI Maschine+)

Visit the SYNTH ANATOMY YouTube channel HERE.

Learn more about X-GEAR pedals and special pricing on bundles HERE.


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