8 Apr 2022

MusicTech on AmpliTube X-⁠TIME

“A highly tweakable pedal that could make a lot of other delay pedals redundant.”

MusicTech recently published a review of IK's X-⁠TIME delay pedal calling it "A viable all-rounder in the delay pedal market." And when you consider how X-⁠TIME includes a plug-in version, a preset librarian and AmpliTube 5 SE, you realize this is a complete system for tone-tweaking and performance both onstage and in the studio.

A link to the full review is below. Here are some highlights:

MusicTech verdict

  • Sounds great
  • Wide range of delay types
  • Deep editing of all parameters
  • Software librarian for managing patches

"The four new AmpliTube stompboxes combine software effect emulations alongside a plug-in version of each pedal. The pedal under review here is the X-⁠TIME. As the name suggests, this is a model housing all the delay and time-based effects."


product image


Delays and effects

"There are multiple different types of delay within the X-⁠TIME including all the usual suspects such as tape, analogue (BBD-inspired), digital, reverse and ducking. But there are also some less familiar options.

"The headline effects here are the emulations of old hardware forms of delay – the tape and BBD effects. There are two tape emulations: vintage and modern tape delay. The delays sound superb but don't quite get dirty enough to truly emulate a really badly maintained machine.

For artists that like to use delay as a sound-design tool, the reverse delay and swell effects create some beautiful textures that, when combined with other effects such as reverb, will create some lovely pad sounds.


"Equally, the Harmonic delays mix in additional pitches with the delayed signal to create thicker sounds, while the Arctic creates a blooming delay sound for creative textures as part of a performance with the wet/dry mix balanced correctly."

In tempo

"The X-⁠TIME contains a tap tempo pedal that creates tempo-synced repeats. The X-⁠TIME can do note subdivisions but they are accessed by changing the whole pedal into a different mode, and then they appear on the Time knob."

Presets and control

"The X-⁠TIME contains over 300 presets. This is a lot to manage from the pedal interface but, fortunately, IK Multimedia provides access to Librarian software. This means you can manage your presets and upload them to your pedal in the order you need them."

With AmpliTube 5

"The pedal also includes a version of IK's flagship AmpliTube software with an emulation of the X-⁠TIME included. This creates a hybrid mode of working where you can create a sound in AmpliTube and then upload it to the hardware pedal."


"This is a well-built and highly tweakable pedal that could make a lot of other delay pedals redundant."

Key Features

  • A wide range of delay types
  • Includes speaker cab emulation
  • X-Mode for each sound to increase feedback for self-oscillation
  • 300 Presets available
  • Works as an audio interface
  • Hybrid working with AmpliTube & librarian software

Read the full MusicTech review HERE.

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