25 May 2022

X-TIME and X-SPACE Review

Guitar World: "All-purpose delay and reverb pedals live up to the hype and then some!"

Choosing a new reverb or delay pedal can be a daunting task. There are so many out there. That's why we offer a FREE trial on any virtual version of X-GEAR pedals, making it easy to demo and explore all 16 algorithms that come with each. Just click here and follow the instructions.

Guitar World recently gave 4.5 stars to both X-TIME and X-SPACE pedals. The reviews cover many features as well as the overall sound quality of the algorithms.

Guitar World on X-TIME

The necessary USB computer connection lets the pedal function as an audio interface for recording, with or without cab sim.

Guitar World

"You'll also find ethereal ambiances, pristine digital delay, psychedelic reverse delay and dual delays related by music time. For pitched delays, the Pitch and Harm algorithms won't let you down."

See the full X-TIME review HERE

Guitar World on X-SPACE

The Plate and Spring emulations deliver the sonic flavor of the real physical thing and offer enough parameters to dial in the exact sound to sit well with your rig.

Guitar World

"You get some useful performance features, such as being able to add an expression pedal, and the X-Mode facility, which momentarily alters a parameter by holding down a footswitch."

See the full X-SPACE review HERE

In other words

X-GEAR pedals offer some unique features you don't find in other pedals. Such as a built-in cab sim, USB audio interface, and a virtual version that comes with the hardware pedal. You can sync any preset you create on the pedal or computer and access them on either device.

Let's say you're jamming with your band and you create the perfect delay setting on your X-TIME. Now you want to use that delay setting to mix a new guitar part in your favorite DAW. It's seamless, thanks to the X-GEAR librarian, which allows you to transfer that new preset to your computer and vice versa.

Learn more about AmpliTube X-GEAR effects pedals HERE.

product image

X-TIME delay pedal

product image

X-SPACE reverb pedal


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