15 Sep 2022

X-SPACE Demo and Performance

New video on the X-GEAR reverb pedal featuring Jamie Humphries

Jamie Humphries is back at it with the X-SPACE reverb. In this in-depth video, Jamie covers a lot of territory including the pedal's layout and features, the many presets and 16 different reverbs. He begins with a great performance using the Shimmer 1 algorithm.

If you're looking for new soundscapes to explore, this video provides an excellent entry point into the world of reverb with X-SPACE.

It's a nice songwriting and production tool. I like the fact that you can use this pedal as an audio interface.

Spacey reverb that has some form of pitch ... I found these really, really inspiring! I would definitely check this pedal out.

Jamie Humphries

Like his playing? Try these 2 video lessons from Jamie on Bryan Adams and Joe Satriani featuring AmpliTube 5.

About Jamie

Jamie Humphries is a British author, instructor, and touring and session guitarist. In addition to teaching at numerous academies, including the ACM in Guildford, England, he has published three books and released over 50 DVDs. Humphries has also toured with Brian May and performed with Queen at Freddie Mercury's 65th birthday party in London.

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