16 Jun 2023

MixBus Tv on iLoud Precision 6

“I gotta be honest. My first impression was like, holy cow!”

Introduced to iLoud Precision studio monitors by fellow music engineer Tom Lord-Alge, David Gnozzi of MixBus Tv decides to review a pair of Precision 6 for himself. He goes through unboxing the speakers, calibrating them to his space and using X-MONITOR control software to A/B mixes with the many included speaker emulations.

After critically listening to 20 songs and testing the Precision's multiple features, David Gnozzi comes to some important conclusions about how iLoud Precision can help your mixes translate better to other systems. Have a look.

First of all, these have an insane low end, not just because of how much and how low they feel, but because the low end they have is extremely focused.

Don't be afraid of the small size of the Precision 6!

David Gnozzi

They have no hype as far as stereo image goes. They are able to translate even small changes in the stereo field, which is pretty hard.

I could listen to these for hours on end and it wouldn't fatigue me.

David Gnozzi

The beauty of this system is that you can do what I'm doing with multiple pairs of speakers using just one pair. You have so many different references.

David Gnozzi

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Available now in black or white for all 3 configurations — 2-way 5" or 6.5", and 2 x 5" MTM — these handcrafted works of sonic art deliver an unprecedented level of sonic detail with unique DSP-based features and breathtakingly accurate profiles of iconic studio monitors.

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iLoud Precision


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