Introducing X-MONITOR, an advanced control application for iLoud Precision studio monitors, assisting with acoustic self-calibration and enabling extended acoustic and voicing adjustments. Think of X-MONITOR as your Mac/PC command post for all the superb audio processing features built into iLoud Precision.


X-MONITOR overview

  • Facilitates ARC calibration with step-by-step instructions and visual feedback
  • Displays pre- and post-correction response curves for precise details on room acoustics
  • Expands Precision’s speaker emulation with over 20+ iconic studio monitor profiles
  • Lets you create and save your own custom frequency response curves
  • Offers full control of all back-panel parameters and settings via a single user interface
  • Manages the functionality and settings of the optional hardware remote
  • Provides diagnostics and firmware updates to ensure peak system performance
Calibrating iLoud Precision Studio Monitors
Explore the Voicings of Classic Studio Monitors
The Contour Features
Functions of the Remote Control

Enhanced Acoustic Room Correction

iLoud Precision Studio Monitors feature built-in ARC calibration, tuning themselves to their environment with the included MEMS measurement microphone. X-MONITOR makes the process even easier with step-by-step instructions and visual feedback on the calibration progress. It also lets your store multiple ARC settings, convenient when you want to use your Precisions in different rooms or from different listening positions in the same room.


When the process is complete, you get a graphic representation of the room analysis before and after correction, and you can use X-MONITOR to turn on or off the room correction conveniently without leaving your listening position.

Precision default presets

Before emulating any other studio monitors, X-MONITOR allows you to select between four main “voices” custom-designed to work with iLoud Precision.

  • Precision: The most linear and transparent of the four, a perfect frequency and phase response that delivers the truth, nothing else and nothing more. Perfect accuracy.
  • Wide Dispersion: This voice expands the vertical dispersion of the monitors making them ideal to be used where people are both sitting and standing, or when the room has a nice reverberant sound and stimulating it with a fuller response can give a more natural representation of the program.
  • HF Presence: This voice gently puts the high frequencies slightly upfront. Some engineers like this characteristic, which helps them in producing well-balanced programs.
  • Comfort: This voice provides a response shape that, while keeping optimal translation qualities, makes long sessions more comfortable thanks to a slightly less pronounced hi-mid range and a focus on the lower mids.

Iconic speaker emulation

X-MONITOR controls Precision’s ability to emulate the frequency and phase response of the most famous studio monitors on the market, working in tandem with the ARC settings for the best possible sound in any listening environment. This is ideal for testing a mix on different reference systems quickly, without ever leaving the sweet spot and ARC’s calibration.

Choose the emulation you want to try from the Virtual Monitoring dropdown menu and X-MONITOR applies your selection to the Precisions. For immersive audio setups, X-MONITOR lets you choose the same or different monitor emulations for each Precision or pair of Precisions for maximum flexibility.


The speaker emulations are stored inside the Precision’s firmware and the one last used is recalled the next time the speakers are turned on. Using X-MONITOR, or the optional remote control, makes it incredibly easy to audition and load the over 20 iconic speaker emulations or return iLoud Precision to its own original, superior sound.

Monitors Composition

Customize your personal response curve

Want to customize your listening experience? X-MONITOR lets you create custom EQ settings. With its dedicated Acoustic Contour page inside, you can adjust specific frequency ranges, with or without ARC, to suit your needs and save them as selectable user presets. These settings are stored inside iLoud Precision and recalled automatically the next time you turn the speaker on. Once you load a favorite profile, X-MONITOR is then only needed to change settings.

Rear panel control
at your desktop

X-MONITOR gives you access to all the same controls as Precision’s rear panel from your desktop and lets you save their settings as user presets for easy recall. You can select individual speakers or linked pairs. From the software you can adjust the low-frequency extension, the low- and high-frequency contours, standby timer setting and more. No more struggling to experiment with back panels settings, it can all be adjusted within X-MONITOR.


Software and hardware remote control

X-MONITOR’s user interface includes a virtual version of the optional wired remote control (sold separately). iLoud Precision can quickly recall up to 4 presets via the remote control including auditioning different speaker profiles for A/B testing, dimming (-20 dB), system mute, ARC on/off, standby and more.

X-MONITOR lets you change the remote’s default selection of preset settings with any combination of user presets and virtual monitor emulations. Once assigned, if you have the remote control, you can use it to switch between your 4 favorite presets without the need for X-MONITOR, or even a computer.

With the optional hardware remote control customized to your needs, it’s easy to imagine also using iLoud Precision in non-studio environments, conveniently switching between your favorite speaker types and/or settings. The iLoud Precisions become the perfect hi-fi system for a living room, home theater and more.

Easy setup and updates

As IK releases periodic firmware updates with new features and speaker emulations, X-MONITOR keeps you informed and guides you through the firmware update process. It also includes diagnostic tools on the system status showing the selected speaker’s model name (default or assigned by you), serial number and any alerts reported by the firmware. X-MONITOR makes it easy to keep your Precisions up-to-date and running optimally.


Engineered to perfection

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