16 May 2024

EytschPi42 Reviews TONEX ONE

“This is utterly incredible. It has ridiculously good-sounding amps!”

Henning Pauly of EytschPi42 loves TONEX ONE. In this video, he covers all the pedal's features, emphasizing how it sounds. Ultimately, Henning highly recommends TONEX ONE for all guitar players (and bass players, too!). Watch to see and hear why.

Get TONEX ONE! I cannot think of a single reason why every guitar player in any style should not own one.


If you don't buy one today, you'll have to wait long to get your hands on one. Get yourself two, one as an amp and one as a pedal.


Check out EytschPi42 on YouTube for more guitar gear reviews and lessons.

Ultra-compact and powerful, TONEX ONE stores up to 20 hyper-realistic modeled amps, cabs and stomps from a nearly infinite supply. You can even load models of your own gear captured with the included TONEX software.

product image




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