10 Jul 2024

IK Captures Joe Satriani's Amps

John Nathan Cordy: “This collection is exactly what I want companies to do!”

Joe Satriani Amp Vault is a brand new Signature Collection for TONEX. It features an incredible variety of Tone Models from Joe's private amp collection, which you can play inside TONEX for Mac/PC or live with TONEX Pedal and the new TONEX ONE.

At the start of the video, John Cordy launches into a melodic Satch-inspired track using a Satriani signature Ibanez. Then, he dives into each amp, giving his impression of the collection. Between the Fender, Marshall and Joe signature amps, there's a lot of tonal territory to explore. Listen to hear how the Tone Models sound.

I'm so pleased that IK Multimedia are doing this. This was initially what got me interested in TONEX in the first place. It's a really, really cool concept!

John Nathan Cordy

As you'd expect, and as the name says, Amp Vault features a bunch of different amps and cool settings, all recorded in Sammy Hagar's Studio with amazing gear.

John Nathan Cordy

Aside from the lead tones we've known Joe Satriani for, there's a bunch of other stuff that makes his albums sound like they do. It's a very versatile collection.

John Nathan Cordy

Visit John Nathan Cordy on YouTube for more playing tips and reviews.

Joe Satriani Amp Vault gives you instant access to the private collection of one of the most influential electric guitar players. These 59 Tone Models result from Joe's relentless pursuit of great tone and commitment to capturing his favorite amps precisely.

product image

Joe Satriani Amp Vault



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