29 May 2024

MusicRadar: “Perfect for recording high-quality electric and bass guitars”

04 Apr 2022

Ace from Skunk Anansie: “When I plugged in, the sounds were surprisingly accurate.”

31 Mar 2022

Sam Bell: "It's like having the real amps right there on your desktop."

25 Mar 2022

Guitar World: “It’s hands down the best guitar audio interface out there right now.”

29 Sep 2021

"What I’d like to focus on here is value for money."

30 Apr 2021

MusicRadar shares some tips on using new AmpliTube 5

09 Oct 2020

"The best guitar audio interface, hands down."

24 Sep 2020

"If it’s good enough for Joe Satriani…"

18 Nov 2019

R.J. Ronquillo explains why all types of guitarists benefit by using AXE I/O.

29 Oct 2019

Here's your chance to vote for AXE I/O AND win a MusicMan guitar

19 Aug 2019

"Absolutely no-nonsense, straight to the point and game-changing"

31 Jul 2019

Reviewers rave about AXE I/O guitar audio interface

24 Jul 2019

“How about an interface that’s optimized for guitarists?..."

09 Jul 2019

Hear what real users like you have to say about our new premium audio interface.

05 Jul 2019

"Makes a real difference in the quality of your guitar recording"

26 Jun 2019

" Very, very good. Conveys the mojo of playing a real amp."

20 Jun 2019

"A well-designed, clean sounding, guitar-friendly interface"

14 Jun 2019

"IK Multimedia listens to guitarists and makes the perfect interface."

21 May 2019

"For $349, you get your dream guitar recording studio in a box."

14 May 2019

"The AXE I/O more than exceeds expectations"

12 Apr 2019

"AXE I/O is a very well conceived product that delivers what is promised"

02 Apr 2019

“It will transform the way in which you record guitar music”

29 Mar 2019

Guitar Player uses AXE I/O's guitar tone shaping features and says "The difference was noticeable and musical."

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