From Italy to your studio

Engineered to perfection, the new iLoud Precision series is a breakthrough in nearfield monitoring. In addition to leveraging IK’s 25+ years of expertise in loudspeaker design and digital signal processing, iLoud Precisions also benefit from a proud tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

From our factory in Modena, Italy, a city best known for its remarkable fusion of centuries-old craftsmanship and cutting-edge automotive and industrial innovation, IK sought out the finest local partners to manufacture, assemble and test these revolutionary new speakers.

Creating the cabinets

First, the all-wood enclosures are cut on state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machines to ensure the tightest tolerances. The panels are bonded by hand and given expert alignment checks before being air-dried to ensure a perfect seal.

Then, after a machine-guided rounding, the final and most delicate sanding and re-touching phases are done by hand to ensure each cabinet meets the highest standards.

Each cabinet is carefully painted in multiple layers, with inspections at each stage for quality. And the final micro-drop texture is applied by a manual operator for results beyond what automated machines can achieve.

State-of-the-art electronics

Meanwhile the power amplifiers and digital control boards are assembled by a combination of cutting-edge SMT machines and manual operators for high-precision tasks. The full back panel kit includes 3 separate circuit boards: the power amplifiers and digital control board that will work in concert to deliver absolutely stunning sound. All components, switches and jacks are tested individually before being sent for final assembly.

Individually calibrated

Before being assembled, each cabinet, speaker and panel is tested again for potential defects. Final assembly is done completely by hand, including mounting the speaker drivers, mounting front LEDs and mounting the back panel to complete the unit.

After final safety and quality checks, the units are then sent to acoustical quality control. This process measures and tunes the speakers individually to within a 0.5 dB tolerance, ensuring every unit is a virtual matched pair with any other. Few monitors in the world can achieve such incredible consistency.

Ready to deliver perfect mixes

After a final inspection and cleaning, the speakers are carefully packaged and ready to deliver the unbelievable sound quality and performance that’s the hallmark of the iLoud name. The product of dozens of proud craftspeople, each iLoud Precision speaker is truly a work of sonic art.


Engineered to perfection

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