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A series of 8 pianos

Pianoverse offers the widest sonic palette available in a single virtual instrument with an initial series of 8 remarkable instruments slated for release. You can start with one or more and add others later, endlessly discovering new inspiration as you need it. Or go for the All-access subscription option and gain immediate access to all Pianoverse Pianos available now and those coming soon.

Pianoverse - Concert Grand YF3

Concert Grand YF3 is based on a 9’ Yamaha CFIII concert grand piano. Built from the best spruce, rock maple and mahogany woods along with hand-molded, sand-casted iron this universally loved worldwide premium instrument is known for its magnificent responsiveness.

Pianoverse - Royal Upright Y5

Royal Upright Y5 is based on a modern Yamaha U5 upright piano. The more direct and intimate sound of this exquisite upright piano is ideal for jazz or pop singer-songwriter material, vocal accompaniment and any musical setting where the sound of concert grand might be too overpowering.

Pianoverse - Black Diamond B280

Black Diamond B280 is based on a Bösendorfer 280 Vienna Concert, also known as the Concert Grand 280VC. With a timbre all its own, Black Diamond B280 can easily convey darker moods while conserving the warm musicality for which the Austrian capital is celebrated.

Pianoverse - NY Grand S274

NY Grand S274 is based on a 9’ Steinway & Sons New York D-274 concert grand piano, a majestic musical instrument known to be the pinnacle of concert grands and the overwhelming choice of the world's greatest pianists, according to its legendary manufacturer.

Pianoverse - Gran Concerto 278

Gran Concerto 278 is based on a 9.5’ Fazioli F278 concert grand piano manufactured by Fazioli Pianoforti of Sacile, Italy. Made from the finest materials, including spruce from the same forest where Antonio Stradivari cultivated his rare and celebrated violins, it’s considered by many jazz and classical players to be the finest piano in the world.

Pianoverse - Hamburg Grand S274

Hamburg Grand S274 is based on a 9’ Steinway & Sons Hamburg D-274 grand piano. Considered one of the finest pianos in the world, it’s known for its rich, powerful sound and wide dynamic range and is typically used in concert halls and other large performance spaces.

Pianoverse - Liberty Upright

Liberty Upright is based on a rare Koch & Korselt upright grand piano built in Bohemia (now part of Czech Republic) in the early 1900s. Chosen for its beautiful sound, it includes 2 versions: an in-tune version and a honky-tonk (naturally out-of-tune) version.

Pianoverse - Black Pearl B200

Black Pearl B200 is based on a 7’ Bösendorfer 200 concert grand piano, one of their most popular models ever from studio to convert hall. Its expressive sound and dynamics unfold effortlessly to translate the player’s full intention and emotion.

Legal detail

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