10 Mar 2022

See why the critics love IK’s analog synthesizer

09 Feb 2022

Demonstrating how technology can help people make music

04 Feb 2022

"It really stood out with a lot of unique features."

05 Jan 2022

“IK have proven themselves in the analogue synth arena.”

21 Dec 2021

Hear Sonic State podcast host Nick Batt explain his pick for 2021

17 Dec 2021

“This instrument is capable of a great deal in spite of its calm exterior.”

20 Sep 2021

Watch as he dives in and tests IK’s new analog synthesizer

15 Sep 2021

UNO Synth and UNO Synth Pro are top picks in their price range

08 Sep 2021

“Definitely a keeper in my workflow, even more so with the upcoming editor plug-in.”

31 Aug 2021

See what he has to say about IK’s new analog synth

16 Aug 2021

“Great-sounding synthesizer and I feel we just scratched the surface!”

16 Aug 2021

“Small analog synth, massive analog sounds!”

12 Aug 2021

Visuals Producer gets creative with the desktop version

30 Jul 2021

Check out all of the awards UNO Synth Pro has won!

23 Jul 2021

NAMM TEC names two IK products for outstanding technical achievement

19 Jul 2021

As Jamiroquai’s keyboard player demos some amazing sounds

14 Jul 2021

"IK Multimedia takes its UNO Synth to the pro level."

09 Jul 2021

“Does it genuinely deserve professional billing? Very much so!”

25 Jun 2021

“A very potent analog synth that knows how to please.”

14 Jun 2021

"Both UNO synth models put other higher-priced synths to shame!"

11 Jun 2021

Learn what's inside and what's ahead for the all-analog synthesizer

24 May 2021

“Shames some much more expensive instruments!”

13 May 2021

Watch how the mobile musician creates a complete song

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